Wednesday, March 30, 2016

'Guitar Genius' Eric Clapton and Friends

Exactly two months ago, both my son's performed at their School Annual Day. While my younger son (6) was part of the welcome song, my elder son was part of a 25-piece fusion orchestra playing a mix of Western and Bollywood tunes. The run-up to the event was exciting for him since he was playing lead guitar and even a solo for possibly the first time.  

One evening while practicing he asked me, why I focus more on rhythm guitar than the lead. I picked up the guitar, and showed him one of the first lead intros I picked up and played. It was a ballad that I'm sure a lot of you love or have loved - Wonderful Tonight. 

Did you hear about the vicar who while visiting homes of parishioners saw a guitar in the home of this gentleman and invited him to come and practice for an evening performance at the parish. The gentleman regretted that he could not make practice, but would be there on the actual performance day... and indeed he was. Up on stage was this very modest guitarist playing the most fantastic guitar riffs... none other that Eric Clapton

There's another song of his that I really like... and there is a story behind it... It's dedicated to a beautiful lady, who got him down on his knees.

Layla (not her real name) was dedicated to a British model who was also the wife of a good friend... Beatle George Harrison. Eric wooed the beautiful Pattie Boyd whom he later married. The lovely lady had a host of other songs dedicated to her including Something from her previous husband, George. She's currently married last year to Ron Weston (I don't think he's a famous singer). In 2007 she published her autobiography titled "Wonderful Tonight".

It's Eric Clapton's birthday today. And he share's his birthday with many many talented musicians - some of whom he has even collaborated with. One such collaboration is another talented guitarist and singer-songwriter - a multi-platinum and four-time Grammy winning artist, Tracy Chapman.

Another Musical Birthday today is the Canadian singer who has done a cover of Eric Clapton's Tears in Heaven - the diva Celine Dion.

Eric Clapton hasn't collaborated with this young singer, songwriter and sometimes actress who also shares the same birthday. But Eric and Norah Jones have both collaborated with the country great, Willie Nelson.

One more singer (or rather rapper) has a birthday today. While they haven't performed together, they have on the same stage. In fact they both won Grammy's in the year 1991 - Eric Clapton with Bad Love and MC Hammer.

U Can't Touch This - you surely can't touch the guitar genius of Eric Clapton. 

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