Saturday, April 2, 2016

April Fool

It was 1st April 1980. In the days before the internet, my dad was making calls to all his near and dear ones. He was telling them that my mom had given birth, and some of them thought he was playing an April Fool prank. 

Well, my little sister celebrated her birthday yesterday. And since she was born on April 1st she was very good at fooling. In fact she has an excellent sense of humour and a natural knack of making a joke in any situation. 

Being April Fool's day, I was trying to think of possible songs to include in this post. And the only one's I could come across were about being 'fooled' in love... from Connie Francis (Everybody's Somebody's Fool) to Zayn (Fool For You) ... 

And in between those above, the King quoted the Wise Men ... "Only Fools Rush In"...

UB40 put a reggae beat  to that song and made a big hit. So many more 'fool' songs out there, but I know only one band with 'fool' in it's name - Fool's Garden.

While some of us may well have got fooled in a 'pranky' sort of way on April Fool's Day, some fool hijacked a plane the previous day and fooled many people before he got caught. One of my favorite TV shows over the recent years has been the crime show CSI with the great themes from The Who. While the year progresses, we need to make sure we 'don't get fooled again.'  

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