Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Birthday Buddies... Thank You

My mailbox is flooded - as are my pages and groups on social media. A big Thank You to all the people who wished me... and prayed for me on my birthday - family, friends, classmates (from school, college and business school), colleagues (past and present) and the members of the various groups that I belong to - spiritual, professional, etc... even some people whom I have never met before. But most of all, I need to thank the Almighty for the life that He has given me and the wonderful family that loves and cares for me.  

I also received wishes from my banks and insurance providers on my birthday. And I surely wasn't expecting to see this when I opened Google.

The past year has been quite a happening year for me having embarked on a host of new ventures. While updating my own knowledge, I also got the opportunity to share some of my own experiences and insights with with the MBA students that I've taught in Mumbai and Pune (was pleasantly surprised to meet one of them at work today). Also stepped back into the corporate world after a short independent stint, and interacting with a whole bunch of young professionals aspiring for 'nothing but the best'.

Also in the last year, I got back to the entertainment circles in Mumbai and met many people at the various weddings, communion parties, fun fairs, club member events, stage events and corporate parties that I've had the opportunity to host. 

While teaching Digital Marketing and working in the same industry, I've built up my digital persona - with support from friends and followers like each one of you. Thank you so much.

This blog and my Facebook and Twitter pages have been celebrating #MusicalBirthday's and other special days, all round the year. Today, being my birthday as well, I have a wish to all my #BirthdayBuddies - a couple of batchmates in school, some in college, a friend from my radio days and an exceptionally professional compere - Alaric Ferns. I also shared a birthday with a boss - the MD of the company in Dubai where I worked for a more than thirteen years. 

I'm also lucky to share my birthday with musicians and singers from groups of the seventies known for their wonderful harmony. 

Happy #MusicalBirthday to Alan and Eve

Ladies first. Eve Graham, 73 was part of 'The New Seekers' - a group that like me would "Like to Teach the World To Sing."

I remember going through the lyrics and the chords in the 'Pop Hits' song book with Daddy just relaxing and strumming the guitar. Also clearly remember another occasion sitting and working out the most popular song of 'The Animals' - House of the Rising Sun with Alan (not Adam) Price on the keyboards - just a year older than Eve at 74.

Thanks again for the wishes, love, blessings and prayers. 

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