Sunday, November 4, 2018


Woah! it's already November.... I heard the Calendar Song after ages - it used to be a regular on Saturday Date in the late ' 70s and early '80s. 

In the nineties, when satellite TV invaded all of our households, this November song was on everyone's lips.... November Rain.

While Mumbai recorded it's hottest ever November day yesterday, the Met Department has forecast some November Rain next week.... Let's wait and see... 

Do you know of any 'November Songs'? Share them in the comments....

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Konkani Muji Mai Baas

Konkani Muji Mai Baas... translates to "Konkani is my mother tongue..." and this past month of September reminded me of this on several occasions. 

The Konkani connection with September comes from the way Monti Fest is celebrated in Mangalore. Monti is Konkani for Mount... and so the celebration of Monti Fest is the celebration of the Feast of the Mount... or the celebration of the birthday of Mother Mary. However the Birthday celebrations in Mangalore is combined with the celebration of the harvest. In our growing years, the usual Inland Letter formats in India were replaced by enveloped letters in the month of September containing a few ears of blessed corn. The blessed corn we received was mixed in with milk or a sweet and consumed with a Thanksgiving prayer. Further the celebration includes the Novem meal including an odd number of vegetarian dishes (five, seven, nine...) along with rice with the dessert of waran (payasam). 

While I attended a Konkani church service for the first time in Chembur, it was a perfect connection to my roots. But even more special on Saturday 8th September was to hear my mother tell the world (definitely the whole of Auckland) about Monti Fest on the radio - Susegad Danpaar on Planet FM 104.6

The other Konkani event for me this month was the nomination of my son from school to participate in an inter-school Elocution Competition organised by the Goan Institute in Mumbai. While my son participated and was shortlisted among the last 15 in the senior category in the English Elocution, the highlight of the competition was the Konkani Elocution. In the age where the Konkani language is dwindling, this initiative truly saw some great performances paying rich tribute to Goa and Konkani in poetry. 

The Chief Guest to the wonderful afternoon of poetry was Dr. Elaine Charles, a renowned Mumbai educationist who shared her A to Z of public speaking. Among the special guests at the Elocution Competition was Odil Madeira - a prominent writer and speech and dramatics trainer from Mumbai. She was honoured even more by the fact that quite a few students recited pieces written by her. 

The Goan Institute is committed to encouraging talent and development among the Goan community and besides handing over trophies to the Goan kids who performed at the competition also felicitated Goans who excelled in the recent Xth and XIIth Standard exams. Was really privileged to see one of my parishioners get a scholarship at the event. 

The Goan community has a long history with Mumbai. The area where the Goan Institute is located in Dabul around the Kalbadevi area of Mumbai (close to Metro Cinema and St. Xaviers College) has been home to Goan Clubs or koods which became home to Goans migrating to Mumbai looking for job opportunities. Check out this interesting documentary about Goan clubs in Mumbai.

And the last of my Konkani interactions of the month was with the Indian Express Film Club at the screening of the Konkani movie 'Juze'.

Image may contain: one or more people and text

The film depicted the realities of life in the villages of Goa and the fight for survival of a young teenager against oppression and other challenges of life. An excellent film put together by a young director was an eye opener that however much progress has been made, life continues to throw up challenges for one and all that we have to win over in our quest for survival. The movie set in the remote villages reminded me of the stories I myself have heard about the challenges that various family members have faced in their journey of life and how they made their choices. Among others I recalled visits to relatives homes in Mangalore where there was no electricity in their houses in the 1970s and the 1980s. I seriously wonder what the progress has been in the villages that they lived over the years and how much progress they have seen. 

Konkani to me has been my 'Mai'-baas or the language of my Mai (meaning mother, we affectionately addressed my maternal grandmother as such). Since she only spoke in Konkani and other Mangalorean languages (Kannada and Tulu), we had a compulsion to speak to her in Konkani. However after her passing away, I lost touch of the language. My wife's family though are strong proponents for the Konkani language and she stays in close connect with Konkani by her participation in the Konkani choir (which is led by a young 20 year old girl). 

I am thankful for the reminder to my mother-tongue and look forward to many more interesting interactions in Konkani going forward. Over the years, I've enjoyed some of the very best of Konkani music and have had my own opportunities to sing in Konkani during my days in the Mumbai band circuit in the 1980s and 90s. Signing off this post with this medley of traditional mandos. 


Monday, August 13, 2018

Daddy Dearest

I just penned my 250th post yesterday... I realised that only today... And a very special day at that... Cause today's a day to celebrate the person who has by far the most mentions on this blog... That's my Daddy.

Sammy Kaye released that song in 1941 within a year of when my Daddy was born. Going back to this blog, it began as a simple submission at a Digital Marketing class I was taking to enhance my skills. Music and Math celebrated the things my parents loved - a love I inherited from them from my very early days.

Moving forward, this blog provided me an outlet to share my love of music with the world. As I moved on to the second post, I recalled wonderful times learning singing with Dad... recalling our first few songs that also happened to be Green Songs From the Past...

Exactly three years ago to this date, as we celebrated my Dad's first birthday in absentia, happy memories made their way to this blog in Laugh Aloud... 75 times over. My dad could add joy to absolutely any situation... He'd bring sweetness even to the most boring day.... He was an absolute Sugar Daddy.

Attended a party for my Aunt's 80th birthday a few weeks ago... and had a lot of people tell me I look closest to my Dad in the family. But the best thing I inherited from my Dad was the gift the music and the same choir voice.... Daddy Sang Bass.

And as I follow his practice of leading the singing in church at the morning Mass, this is one hymn I'll probably be singing tomorrow... one that reminds most people around of my Dear Daddy... God Will Make A Way.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Playing The Piano... Throwback

The school year had just begun. And my mom shared with us a conversation that occurred in the staff room that day. My mum's fellow teachers were discussing our musical talents and then raised a pertinent question to my mum, "Your kids are so talented, they all sing so well... but how come you haven't encouraged them to play any instruments?" The music teacher of the primary section was within earshot... and made an offer that couldn't be refused... She said "Send one and I'll teach a second one for free!" 

What's today called the classic #Buy1Get1 offer in a completely different setting. I was nominated to avail of this offer along with my sister, a couple of years younger than me. My two older siblings had gotten their opportunity to learn the guitar, and they were in high school (Xth and VIIIth respectively). Was that the reason? Or did it have something to do with the fact that the music that played on the cassette player at home often had me squatting on the floor playing the sofa-piano. (Not quite an air-guitar, but I'd often pretend like the black rexine sofa was a piano, and move my fingers on it with great expression).

And so the piano classes began... With lessons about the staff and the clefs, I was introduced to a whole new vocabulary including breve, semibreve, minim, crotchet, quavers and more... 

Different types of musical notes

Every Thursday morning and Saturday evening, my sister and I would walk over the 10 minutes to the music lessons. A few months later, when we got a cycle, I would ride and my sister would be running behind.... What a hilarious sight that would have been. That wasn't anything like this Bicycle Piano.

While one of us was at our class, the other just sat there reading comic books mostly from Disney including the Mickey Mouse and Donald Ducks... and a host of other stuff. Piano and Cartoons... do they have anything in common?

Over the next two years I moved through the music books from John Thompson's Modern Course for the Piano... but there was one little challenge... where to practice? We did not own a piano at home... nor could we afford one. The closest we got to hiring one, turned out to be a disaster, when we could hardly get the piano out of the house of the person renting it... let alone the challenge of possibly getting it up two floors in our narrow stairway. And that was it....

But then we spotted this... the piano in a case... owned by one of our young keyboardist around... who carried it along for all the events in the school and the parish.... the Yamaha Portasound PS3.

Image result for yamaha portasound ps 3

We acquired one with the support of a family friend working in the Gulf who purchased it on our behalf when he came down to celebrate Christmas with his family. In the mood of the season, I tried learning this Christmas Carol from the little sheet that accompanied it.... Silent Night.

While I discontinued piano lessons in Std. IX, I continued my fascination with the instrument and continued to work out songs on my little keyboard. And I just loved to hear people play the piano at our local parish zonals and then on the college stage - especially at the Malhar (at St. Xaviers College, Bombay). That's where I was enthralled by some fantastic piano pieces from the Classical Masters and also Jazz and original compositions from students like myself including some of these songs and pieces that I never knew the names of. 

As I progressed through college, the airwaves of Akashwani came calling over, where I joined a group of singers from R.A. Podar College to perform for the youth show, YuvVani that gave way to more opportunities at the station including the role of an RJ and many more Youth Shows - including a Christmas Special with the Wedding Choir I was part of with friends from St. Joseph's Parish Wadala and even one with my family... That's when I could not be satisfied with just the guitar... cause my fingers were itching to play on the Grand Piano there...

While I've never mastered the piano to play anything like the pieces I've included here, I've always looked for the chance to work out my music. The couple of years in the Bombay Band circuit exposed me to a wider repertoire of music, and more songs to work out. Though I was just a crooner in the band, I'd continue to try to work out the music on my personal time. Being the only person playing an instrument among my siblings posed the challenge to work out the difficult songs they often chose... all of which contributed to expanding my musical horizons. But the public stage for my musical skills came at the weddings of each of my siblings when it came to working out music for the choir. 

But my knowledge of music especially theory saw new light after I moved to Dubai. My first real investment was in music.... The Yamaha PSR740, which got me started on music programming on the keyboard itself, and subsequently on the Cakewalk Music Creator getting midi files ready for performances as a one-man band at many events there. Also participation in the choir and subsequent charge of the children's choir at St. Michael's Church, Sharjah gave me the opportunity to move my music to a new level. 

While being grateful to God and family for the gift of music, I have a special prayer for the kind music teacher I mentioned in the first paragraph of this post. Every time - over the past four years that I've been back in Chembur (Mumbai) - when she was in church while I played on the keyboard, was a proud moment indeed for me.   

As I attended the funeral Mass of Mrs. Sheila Britto earlier today, I thanked the Lord for the gift of this kind and gentle lady who nurtured the the talent of music in my life. As we sang 'Thank You For The Music", I was truly thankful for the first teacher who taught me to play music. Here's a little tribute to her in music. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Birthday Bumps to Big Sister

When you come from a big family like mine, you have a birthday practically everyday. But then there are some birthdays more important than others. And this is one of those weeks. Just two days ago, I carried a post to my Aunt who completed the Enormous Eighty.

The birthday wish today goes out to someone much nearer and dearer. A person whom I’ve learnt such a lot from - a dear Big Sister. 

Image result for happy birthday big sister

Since they say“Don’t ever ask a woman her age”, I’m not going to do list of songs from the year of her birth. Being a music blog, it surely seems more appropriate to steer through the various songs she’s sung over the years. This was the family Anthem in 1985-86. We even sang it on stage at a couple of weddings...

Being a family of six children, we usually got grouped as the elder three and younger three. In days before satellite TV or even National TV, we spent a lot of time together as a family. I remember one particular Saturday morning or maybe a holiday when Mum was doing the chores, the elder three of us were seated on the sofa in the front room while Dad had his guitar in hand, as he taught us a song that his Pinto family did so very well. Greenfields.

Not to the Greenfields, but to the brown mountains of Khandala.... That's a trip a remember taking with Sarita, a few days before her engagement... For the first time ever, we headed out without pre-bookings or reservations... We just walked down to the nearest State Transport Bus Stop and hopped into the first bus that was headed up there. After a gruelling journey of four hours we reached our destination.... St. Mary's Villa at Khandala where we met the ever vibrant Rev Fr. Robin Selwyn... who graced the wedding a few months later with a beautiful song - True Love... 

While I remembered that trip fondly a couple of months ago, when along with the wife and kids, we made a getaway to St. Stanislaus Villa in Lonavla going up those very same hills. 

My big sister and I made one more bus journey through the Western Ghats soon after my SSC examinations, when just the two of us travelled for a month-long vacation to Mangalore. We spent the first week of that trip with my Mum's sister in the convent. 

On my previous visit to Mangalore, some seven years earlier as well, we (the entire family) had spent our first few days of vacation at the Bethany Convent in Kulshekar where my aunt - the same one - was posted. And that's where Dad taught the three of us this song... Green Green Grass of Home

My next visit to Mangalore after that memorable trip with my sister was a good twenty-six years later for a family wedding. My sister had made many many trips to our hometown in the interim, by virtue of having in-laws in that wonderful city.... 

She's in another wonderful city now... the city of Auckland... and she has a wonderful lawn around the house.... While she has the green grass around home, I'm get to enjoy the wonderful rains at home... right here in Mumbai.... and watch this island (Mumbai) turn into a stream. 

And the rainy days remind me of her 21st birthday, when we all had her friends who had recently graduated from St. Xavier College get together for a party at our house... only for a couple of them to be stranded at our place for a couple more days. 

The rains of Mumbai have a special calling. How happy we'd feel during the one odd day of the year while in Dubai, when the heavens opened up there... What's your favorite season... Here's some more nature to think of... 

All Kinds of Everything... this is one of the earliest songs I remember Sarita singing solo, as a seven- or eight-year old. Another song I fondly remember her singing as a young girl is Paper Roses.

Have you ever noticed that for every song about loving relationships there are two about broken ones. Sadly, that song was not the only one in the repertoire. Others that made it there included Killing Me Softly... 

and a few years later... Everybody's Somebody's Fool.

Growing up as the eldest of six, Sarita was extremely shy and soft spoken, a little nervous as well of taking on new things... But with every new stage in life, that fear diminished. From a shy school girl, to the average teenager she put in her heart and soul in everything she did... a perfect example for us two boys who were next in line at home to follow... Nominated the first ever Catholic Leader in her school was one point of recognition. Many years later she nearly single-handledly managed the Summer Camp at the parish including a host of events for a whole month. 

And life brought her a whole new string of opportunities right after she met this incredible man that was just made for her. Anil and Sarita have perfectly complemented each other over the past 26 years of marriage. 

When marriage took her to the foreign land to the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, it was over to the two of them to set the foundations for their lives. They both excelled in everything they took up. In the first year of their marriage, the spent a lot of time making music together while performing in the band - Deja Vu, where she would have performed this song - Simply The Best.

The years have seen the both of them soar to great heights and excel in whatever they reached out to do. From being supportive and encouraging to all their siblings and families, achievement in their jobs and careers, and caring and nurturing two sons - Keith and Karl - to be the wonderful youngsters that they are... and talented as well. I'm quite sure when she looks back down the road of life, this song would definitely be a secret to success... I Have A Dream.

A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. - Colin Powell

Looking back on the years of my big sister, that's what I see... The determination and hardwork that she's put in to be just PERFECT.


Sunday, July 22, 2018

Around the World in 80 days

Around the World in 80 Days

Have you read the book? or possibly watched the movie? 

During our growing up years, we watched a tele-series about the journey of Phileas Fogg and Passepartout as they went around the world in only 80 days. This blog post is about another journey... one of 80 years and going strong....

What I'm going to post here is a tribute to another journey.... not of 80 days but of 80 years... if you're ready, let's Begin the Beguine.

It was the month of July 1938 when Howard Hughes did the world tour not in 80 days but in just 91 hours. A few days later, another flyer (Douglas Corrington) took off from NY to California but landed in Ireland.... Both these flyers became famous, thanks to their Pocketful of Dreams.

While US President F.W. Roosevelt was commemorating Peace at Gettysberg, things were very different in Europe... But who cared, it was the time to enjoy the Summertime. 

And on a sunny or maybe rainy Friday in July, there was a burst of life in the Pinto family. as they welcomed the newest addition to the family, their second daughter and thanked God by naming her Jeanette (meaning God is Gracious). And I'm sure she Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby.

Growing up, she nurtured her many talents, among them the fantastic sense of music and Fascinating Rhythm.

The clear voice of Ella Fitzgerald and jazz style had a clear influence on this family of music as they included this next song on their Family Anthem - A-Tisket-A-Tasket. I have wonderful memories of there 

Having grown into a lovely lady, she met her man who among things shared the same meaning in the name - John Fernandes. He was and still is her Bei Mir Bist Du Shein. And they further enjoy the love of their four wonderful daughters and their families, including five talented grand-children. 

Life was not just about singing and dancing, it had a lot to do with putting on hard work, at home and Punjab National Bank where she gave her many years... Nice Work If You Can Get It. If you like like that song, you should check out Fred Astaire's Drum Dance version of the song. 

Over the years, she's kept her love for music alive through her long association with the Holy Name Cathedral choir where she's been one of their main soloists. I remember attending one Maundy Thursday Mass at that church, due to proximity to work... where she sang the solo during the Washing of the Feet... and a little later during the same service was ordained as a Eucharistic Minister in the parish. 

In my own experience, I have been fortunate to have this wonderful aunt, who's forever concerned about everyone around her - near or far alike... and never hesitant to reach out a helping hand to anyone in need... no matter what.... 

Time to wish this wonderful aunt of mine.... a very happy 80.... And many many more....


Just for the record.... all the songs on this post are popular songs from 1938... that's just 80 years ago... a time of super jazz and classic big bands... 

Sunday, July 15, 2018

The Godfather Week

Image result for the godfather

The last week was a Godfather week for me. 

No... I did't spend the entire rainy week watching the collection of The Godfather movies (by Francis Ford Coppola) ... nor was I snuggled up reading the Mario Puza novel...

My week started last Sunday morning at Our Lady of Visitation Church in Nerul, Navi Mumbai where we celebrated the Eucharist followed by the Baptism ceremony of Abygail Sequeira - my newest godchild.

My wife, Kristel and I, stood along with the parents - Lavina and Abhilash - as we pledged our belief and faith on behalf of little Abygail. We Blessed her along with her grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins present at the ceremony.


Abygail is indeed a blessing for her parents and elder brother, Keegan who was so thrilled at the entire festivities, and being there for his little sister at all times. Abygail means 'father's joy' and one could sense the tremendous joy of her father at his every move. An occasion like this, especially a new birth of a little girl, reminds me of the wonderful dedication by Stevie Wonder to his daughter, Aisha Morris - Isn't She Lovely.

As the week progressed, we happened to look back to some video recordings we had on our PC over the years. And we recalled and watched one from ten years ago, at another baptism ceremony of another godchild of ours - this one was in the Summer of 2008 in New Jersey, US. The boy - Joel - Kristel's sister's son, was christened during the trip we made to the US and Canada that year. He's growing up as a Beautiful Boy.

We are blessed with two wonderful boys, who are our pride and joy.... And talking of boys, this song often comes to mind about "Daddy's little boy... he's playing with his toys..."

Who are godparents anyway? Then general reference of a godfather is of someone who provides financial support or influence. But the real meaning of a godparent is one who witnessed the baptism and guides the spiritual formation of the godchild throughout their life. 

My godparents, Franklin and Nancy were close friends of my parents before they were married. Through me growing up years, they always showered me with the best of gifts - the tricycle at three, the cricket bat, the books - including the biggest joke book ever ( a favourite with my kids). My godfather even proposed the toast at my wedding. They are currently retired in the US, and I wish them the very best of health and well-being. 

9780706364309: 5001 Jokes for Kids

At the other end of the world, down under in NZ lives another godson of mine. Andre will be completing 21 this year and has grown up to be an intelligent and handsome young man as he towers over all of us. 

The week which started out with a special event and blessing to be a Godparent wound up with another special Godparent moment... as my eldest godchild celebrated her 25th birthday on Friday the 13th. A smart intelligent girl that she is, I wish her a fabulous future and success in all her endeavours and in life. 

As I thank the Lord for the tremendous blessings that He has showered on me and my family and all our near and dear ones, I'm happy to share a beautiful Lullabye that goes out to all the lovely and happy children that have brought and continue to bring joy to us all. 

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Smooth Flights of Jazz

Had a nice relaxed Sunday after a crazy hectic week at work - the pace is rapid especially at the end of a month and the beginning of a new one. What made the past week even more chaotic was the need to fly to Delhi on official business right in the middle of the week. 

I'm not a frequent traveler... but this flight took me back in time. While it brought to mind the many trips I've made around the world, it took me on a musical journey. As I settled down in my aisle seat, the music that filled the air was soft, pleasant and relaxing - exactly what you would expect from Smooth Jazz

Image result for smooth jazz

Hyde Park (Jeff Kashiwa) - that sound makes up the background sound of a video I compiled of the day I spent exploring New York City including the Rockafeller centre and the visit to the Observation Deck at the Empire State Building 2008 on One Summer Day (Ken Navarro)

While it was around this time that I was attracted to this wonderful genre of music, I think the earliest influence of Smooth Jazz to be touched me was back in the studios of All India Radio, where a guest DJ (or RJ) on YuvVani - the bi-weekly youth show played Morning Dance (Spyro Gyra).

The guest DJ was a senior of mine from college, back in the day when we had only three main stream to pursue - Commerce, Arts and Science (within which Engineering and Medicine were the most aspirational). Things are different today with lots more options to choose from. In fact, just last week, NMIMS (the B-school I studied in and currently serve as a guest faculty) launched the NMIMS School of Performing Arts.

This is the first ever venture in India towards a degree in Music, is what I understand. But there's the whole wide world of talent out there for talented musicians to Rise (Herb Alpert).

While we'll have to wait and see for what the future holds, I'm looking back once again. Just the couple of weeks ago, when I reminisced about about completing 30 years since my first ever show on All India Radio in my post - My Radio Days (and Nights): Remembering Saturday Date. In fact was well pleased that this post registered well over 700 Pageviews... Thanks to all... it Feels So Good (Chuck Mangione).

With trust you enjoyed the music on this post, here's one of my favorite tunes in Smooth Jazz - Take Five (Dave Brubeck).

I was inspired to write this post by the music I heard on the flight I was travelling in. Talking about flights, a week ago a TAP Air Portugal flight from Amsterdam to Lisbon made an emergy landing at Porto. The delay prompted Ray Chen to pull out his Stradivarius violin and entertain his fellow travellers. Check this out.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

My Radio Days (and Nights) - Remembering Saturday Date


Do you remember where you were on a hot May Saturday night like this - 10 years ago? What about 20? 

Thirty years ago, on a Saturday night like this, I was sitting in the studios of All India Radio Mumbai spinning the records (as the Radio Jockey or RJ) doing my first ever Saturday Date, the very very popular Pop request show at the station. 

We literally grew up on the show. I remember listening as a small kid trying to catch familiar names especially around family birthday times. Listening to all the famous songs of the 1970s including ABBA and Boney M.

I'd just finished my HSC (Grade 12) and was doing a summer assignment on a bank audit in April, when I received this letter in the Government of India Service yellow envelope offering me the opportunity to present Saturday Date. The previous letter (the first), I had received from the Radio Station was to do a Sports update on their youth show, which I had ignored. Was this really an invite to host Saturday Date. Could it really be possible? Visited the radio station and met the undersigned, a wonderful lady called Ms. Sarla Mirchandani, who put me directly on to training at using the studios at the station. After a few guidelines on how to do the show, there I was live on the Radio Waves

Earlier in the week on a sunny afternoon, I did my first show as a casual announcer introducing a piece of classical music. And in preparation for the Saturday Date, was handed over a bunch of postcards, inland letters and other envelopes for me to browse through so I could make note of the requests that were lined up for the show - maybe a 100 or more requests to browse through and organise. What did you write In Your Letter?

The bunch included a host of birthday and wedding anniversary requests with a host of others just for listening pleasure or special dedications to a youthful crush. Among the popular requests were Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder and Shakin' Stevens 

Give Me Your Heart Tonight was among the favorite dedications to someone loved, but even more requests came for Wonderful Tonight

As I spun the requested songs that week, this song ruled the Billboard charts that week - Anything For You 

Over the next few months, I was a regular at the radio station - hosting music shows in the afternoons and evenings including many more editions of Saturday Date and Music On Parade on Wednesday night. As I got around in college in my first year of B.Com, people shared their feedback on my shows. Or passed on requests to be aired on the next show of Saturday Date - a popularity I soon enjoyed. 

Over the next few years, my knowledge of music grew by leaps and bounds as I explored different genres of music. Anytime I was free after college, I'd take the train over to Churchgate, and walk into the Akashvani Bhavan to go to the music library where I could spend many hours exploring the vinyl records or just Listen To the Music.

The radio experience is what eventually made me explore compering at weddings and other occasions... that gives me great joy even today. As I look back at the years and all the wonderful experiences and opportunities I've had to entertain in these thirty years, I just look up towards heaven and say Thank You For the Music.

As I woke up this morning recalling my experience on radio, 30 years back.... my mum made her own personal appearance on radio today on Susegad Danpaar on 104.6FM in Auckland, NZ.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Climbing Everest

Mount Everest, in Nepal

Woke up this morning and the first post I saw was this one from my batchmates from B-school (Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies) - Congratulations to Venkatesh Maheshwari.

Venkatesh Maheshwari reached the Top Of The World. Congratulations Venky.

This month marks 65 years that Mt. Everest was first conquered by Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay.  

I paid tribute to this conquest with my post on this blog entitled Ain't No Mountain High Enough - also a song.... check out the post for more songs about #Mounta

That video was from the credits of Sister Act 2. But did you know that there is a 2015 film called Everest. Check out this track from the OST. 

As you would expect, our entire batch was proud of this achievement, and the WhatsApp group buzzing with Congratulatory messages. Here's one post that featured on the group - a poem by John F. McCullagh

Jul 2017
There are several approaches to climbing Everest.
Some are easier than some others, none are easy.
This mountain is littered with discarded equipment
and the evidence of loss and unforced errors.
The cold here, at the top of the world,
pierces through your clothes 
Like a million acupuncture needles.
The air is so thin
That hypoxia is a constant danger.
There is exhilaration at the summit
For those who reach the top
They stand where Mallory and Irvine stood
before they suffered their fatal drop.
We climb mountains because we are men.
We are addicted to the adrenaline rush.
We climb Everest because it is there.
We climb Everest because we must.

Will sign off the post with my favorite songs about mountains from the OST of one of the greatest musicals of all time, set around the Second World War.... The Sound of Music.... Climb Ev'ry Mountain...

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter EGGed

Do you remember this ad for the NECC (National Egg Co-ordination Committee) encouraging us to eat eggs. Meri Jaan Meri Jaan

How D'ya Like Your Eggs in the Morning

Fried.... Boiled.... Poached.... Or were they Scrambled...

That's the soundtrack from the NBC sitcom featuring Kelsey Grammar as Radio psychiatrist Frasier Crane... enjoyed a few hilarious laughs from the series. Just one of the things we look back on about yesterday...

Yes... "Yesterday... All my troubles seemed so far away".... Ooh... that sound like a Beatles' song, doesn't it.... Here's some trivia about the song... it actually started as 'Scrambled Eggs'... This one's guaranteed to get you some laughs....

Speaking of eggs, my mind races back to the all the weddings I've attended as a young boy... In those days before the buffet became a standard, dinner used to be served in plated meals... and the most colourful thing on the plate was this half of a boiled egg where the yolk (yellow) was replaced with a mixture including mayonnaise smoothly piped into them. The dish is called 'Devilled Eggs'  

It's Easter Sunday today.... and you possibly enjoyed your eggs with chocolate or marzipan... or filled with little chickens. Or possibly you liked the bunnies.... Maybe you enjoyed an Egg Hunt with the kids.... If you did, are you 'Putting All Your Eggs In One Basket'.

Do you need to know anything more about eggs... Over to the Bollywood stars giving you some Ande Ka Funda

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