Monday, April 11, 2016

Time For A Haircut?

School exams are over. Summer vacations just begun. With the heat on in summer, it's time for a haircut. My younger son just loves a haircut. His face lights up at the mere mention of one... and it's not for the Lollipop.

Head out for a haircut over the weekend... and you could be waiting your turn. My current barber loves crime serials like 'Saavdaan India'. In Dubai, it'd be a Malayalam movie playing on the TV set. When I was young, we were more likely to be listening to Vividh Bharati channel on the radio. Back in the 1940s however, barbers in the US and Britain devised their own form of entertainment while you were in the chair. They'd sing... what you'd call a Barbershop in the Good Old Days...

Thirty years ago, I participated in my first ever college festival - the Malhar at St. Xaviers Mumbai - and encountered a different style of music. A group of guys and gals from St. Andrews College went up on stage and sang perfect harmony... with the Java Jive.

Today we celebrate Barbershop Quartet Day. It's not always sung in the barbershop. Sometimes it can be sung even on the plane. We used to do it on the picnic bus...

And this weekend we'll see the opening of another barbershop - Barbershop - The Next Cut. They're back after 10 years and I hope it's good fun. 

Did you just touch your head there?... Go on, head out to your local barbershop now, and get your best summer haircut yet...

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