Thursday, March 24, 2016

Happy Holi - Celebrate the Colours of Spring

Spring is in the air... and with it, the colours of new life. 

In India, Spring is celebrated with a host of festivals, the most prominent of them being Holi - the festival of colours. 

My favorite Holi song over the years remains the Big B hit from Silsila - back in the early 80s. Listen to it, I'm sure you'd like it. 

Holi celebrates the changing colours of the earth with the new season of Spring. While the earth will see vibrant changes with the new plants, flowers and grass of the season, we need to learn to paint with all the 'Colors of the Wind'.

I'm sure you know and love many more songs with Holi and Color... Now's the time to share them right here on the comments. Will be back soon. 

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