Monday, March 14, 2016

A Date in the Mathematical Circle (Pi Day and more)

My vey first post on this blog was about 'Music and Maths'. And today is a mathematically significant date for more than one reason...

Did you get it? There's one reason right there on the stage. 

What's the date today? March 14th or put it numerically 3.14... and any Maths geek will tell you that that's the value of π. That's what you multiply by the diameter to get the length of the circumference of the circle. And multiplying it by the square of the radius gives us the area. 

Have you noticed that the basic shape of music media in round like a circle. Vinyl record (LP) or for those who do not know what that is, your CD or DVD disc. 

The other reason for a special date for Maths and Physics is that we mark a Scientific Birthday Remembrance. Not just any one, but one of the most renowned physicists ever 

So while you make up your mind, I'm leaving you with one of the best 'circle' songs I know - The Circle of Life.

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