Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Big Bands, Calypso, Rock and Pop - on Stage, in Movies and the Small Screen

It's a new month... a changing season... and a great day for Musical Birthdays.

From 1904 to 1994, the 1st of March has been a first day in the life of some great musicians and singers who have left their mark (and still do) on the musical preferences of young and old. 

First, let's get "In The Mood"

Any lover of the Big Band sound would have heard of Glenn Miller and his Orchestra, just perfect to get you 'in the mood'. While most of his tracks get you 'swinging', the Moonlight Serenade gets you in quite a different mood. 

Take a trip from America down to Caribbean islands and the classic Calypso sound made famous by 89-year old, Harry Belafonte. Had a couple of songs featured in the 1988 comedy 'Beetlejuice'. 

Hope that didn't really startle you. Moving on from movies to TV and my favorite Crime shows that has versions for three of the major American cities - Las Vegas, Miami and New York and now has a series on the newest city - CyberCity. CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) themes to the three city versions were all by The Who - headlined by Peter Townshend and the birthday boy today - Roger Daltrey. Here's are the CSI themes.

With the dollar sign in her name, Ke$ha raked in loads of the greens with her debut single, 'Tik Tok'. I know of a person who'd replace his 'S' with the '$' especially when writing to the marketing team of the company. $trange Chap.

The youngest one on this list of Musical Birthday, is this 22 year-old who's currently on the charts - Justin Beiber. 

Liked the dance steps on this track, especially after a weekend of Dance Events. 

Have a wonderful day... a lovely March... and keep the Music alive. 

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