Monday, March 21, 2016

Apro Parsi Bawa Na Navroz Mubarak

Wishing all the Parsis in Mumbai and around the globe 'Navroz Mubarak'. 

Being Navroz today, the Parsi or Irani New Year. I'd thought I'd dedicate this post to some World-famous, India-famous and Mumbai-famous Parsis. 

The most famous Parsi in the world of music was and is .... hold your breath... the Queen of the World... Apro Freddie... Freddie Mercury of Queen. 

While Freddie has done all things Crazy, the other world-famous Parsi musician has made a name for himself as one of the greatest Classical Music conductors in the world - Zubin Mehta.

Back to India to the man who's rocking Bollywood with his versatile roles - comedian... villian... you name it... he's done it... he's also played a good Parsi boy in Shirin Farhad ki Nikal Padi... Here's a scene with Boman Irani. 

And if that clip had you laughing, this Parsi will make you dance... Let's do the Shabop with Shiamak Davar.

And last but not the least, I must introduce you to the Bawa who makes us laugh. He lives down the road in Chembur... runs a bakery and a Bawa restaurant... but best of all, he likes to sing Bawa songs. He's mentioned most of the Parsis I've mentioned in this post in his song... sit back and enjoy... with Shahriyar Atai...

So once again... Happy Navroz to all the Parsis....

Lots more famous Bawas and Bawis... who's your favorite?

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