Sunday, March 20, 2016

Some Birthdays, a Wedding and a Funeral - This Day in Music

A couple of months ago, when I wrote a post - 'The Century Week' - about two individuals in my contact circle celebrating their 100th birthday in the week, I didn't think I''d come across anyone in the music circles anywhere near that age. 

Got an absolute surprise when 'This Day In Music' reported a wellknown English lady or 'dame' from the WWII days who starts her 100th year today. The oldest living person to have a record on the UK Top 20 chart at the age of 97 just about 2 years ago, Dame Vera Lynn. In 2009 (at the age of 92) she actually topped the album charts - No. 1 indeed with the collection of her songs over the years.

Dame Vera Lynn - Then and Now
Lynn​ is beloved by Britons and people around the world for the songs she recorded during WWII that served to lift the spirits and bolster the hopes of those fighting the war and those who waited prayerfully for their safe return. If you're in London, you should probably catch the party celebrating her 99 years. 

Or maybe you could wait till next year because "We'll Meet Again".

We go across the Altantic to Linkin' Park to celebrate the Ruby birthday of the crooner Chester Bennington. We along with the 183 movie scenes wish Chester a Happy 40th Birthday. 

The title of this post was inspired by the 1994 British Romantic Comedy. And today marks one of the most prominent Musical Weddings of all time - that of John and Yoko in 1969.

While John is no longer with us, today we also remember a little boy, four-year old Connor, who fell to this death from the 53rd storey of a New York City apartment building. His death inspired a ballad from his Dad - Eric Clapton, "Tears in Heaven"

But since it's today is also World Happiness Day, we need to wind this post with a happy song from the Dame we celebrate today, starting her 100th year. 


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