Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Violin Day

The violins ringing like lovely singing.
The violins ringing like lovely song.

The Instrument Song (also called the Orchestra Song) starts with the violins ringing and singing. Enough to say how important the violin is as part of the orchestra. 

Concertos from Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Paganini - enjoyed listening to them sitting in the studios of All India Radio. Often needed to refer to the Classical Music Encyclopedia to get the correct pronounciation of names and performances. Do check out some of the best ever Classical violin performances.

From Classical Music to New Age music, we hear the amazing sound of the violin. Check out this sample from Yanni...

One of my favorite guitar pieces ever is the Brazilian Tico-Tico, but found this interesting version on the Stradivarius.

From Latino to Country Music with the Charlie Daniels Band on the Orange Blossom Special

Taking the Orange Blossom Special, The Devil Went Down To Georgia -  another interesting song from the Charlie Daniel's Band with his fantastic fiddle (that's another name for the violin). 

I recall the violin from my childhood days, we had a couple of talented violinists in the locality, who would play the violin at church occasionally. Some of them continue to play at special services and reminds me of old times. During my own stint of training the Children's Choir in Sharjah, there was this enthusiastic young girl who played at all the special occasions in the parish... I discovered one in my current parish as well and used her talent at Carol Singing last year... 

Talking of kids with the violin, here's a 6-year old with Let It Go from Disney's Frozen.

After that fantastic rendition by this prodigy, I'll leave you with a delightful video with some creative music production and a fair bit of humour.

What's the most creative violin that you've encountered? Share it with us - #AMusicalTwistToLife.

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