Friday, December 23, 2016

Food For Thought...

Was Christmas Party time in most offices today being a Friday, and besides Secret Santa and singing of Christmas Songs, there would have been some goodies passing around including cakes and other savouries. As colleagues greeted each other for Christmas there was an expectation from the Christians to carry cakes and sweets to the office on Monday or whenever they chose to come next - maybe some chesnuts as well. The Christmas Song

My blogpost on This Day in Facebook reminded me that it is Indian Farmers Day and that the US observes Roots Day today. So I'd thought I'll cover this post on the flowers, plants, and fruits that are included in Christmas songs. Can you think of any?

After Chesnuts, the plants I can think of are the ones that we use for decorations - though we don't get much of the real ones in India - The Holly and The Ivy.

Also going with the holly are mistletoe - Mistletoe and Holly.

More mistletoe around the trees and the houses - or wherever you can steal a kiss...

Back in Mumbai, the Victory Chorus Line under the baton of Karen D'Lima Vaswani worked out this Christmas Song last year as a spoof on the beef ban that was applicable in Mumbai -  A Vegetarian Christmas...

Christmas is really close. At this time tomorrow, we'll be at Midnight Mass (Midnight Mass at my parish is at 10.30pm). All the best with the last minute preparations. Have a wonderful Christmas.  

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