Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Ring My Bell

Only 5 more days to go for Christmas... 

and there's an absolute buzz of Christmas in the air...

The Carollers covered our zone last week... There was the Christmas Carol Festival on Saturday in the parish... Also a Christmas Carnival organised by Zeus Entertainment at Chembur's St. Anthony's Co-op. Soc.... Was in Bandra on Saturday and the shop windows were full of decorations... The buzz has even caught up in offices, with Christmas Trees and decorations everywhere... People checking out their wardrobes for outfils in red and green... And the most popular song of the season is on everyone's lips as well as on every loud speaker... Jingle Bells

Yes, there's a hustle and the bustle everywhere in town. Even the demonetization cannot dampen the spirits out here... All getting set to celebrate Christmas... and ring out the Silver Bells.

The Festival of Festive Music presented by the Stop-Gaps Cultural Academy was held over the last weekend. The last few weeks have had many more Christmas gatherings at various venues.. I'm sure many of the choirs would have performed the Carol Of The Bells.

While the sound of bells ringing are strongly associated with Christmas... this post was inspired by a non-Christmas bell-song... or rather by a #MusicalBirthday - the 59 year old
singer Anita Ward with the 1979 hit - Ring My Bell.

The bells I'm waiting for though are the Christmas bells announcing the Mass on Christmas Eve... As they announce the birth of a child who would change all things... the most important change is the one that makes us a better person... 

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