Friday, December 16, 2016

9 Days To Christmas

Was at Mass as usual this morning... and got a reminder that there are only 9 days left for Christmas.

16th December has been a day of special significance to my family. It was a day earmarked for the annual get-together with my dad's siblings and their families - to celebrate my grandma's birthday (Nana - as we affectionately called her). And two (maybe three) generations of Pinto's got together for a thoroughly musical evening. Besides the traditional birthday and popular songs, we'd have a first round of the family Christmas Carols including all four voices with impromptu variations... moving into medleys. And talking about Christmas medleys... remember, the Gunter Kallman choir...

As we move into the last weekend before Christmas, there seem to be events in every nook and corner of town. My parish is hosting the Deanery Sunday School - Christmas Carol Festival where young children will be presenting some interesting skits and carols. And on a far more professional scale is The Festival of Festive Music hosted every year by the Stop-Gaps Cultural Academy. Covered both these events in the blogpost last year: World Choral Day - Music Makes the World Go Round

Stop-Gaps Cultural Academy

Another event happening on home turf in Chembur, is the Christmas Carnival 2016... and includes a live performance by the Vindaloos (now I'm getting hungry).

Planning to be there at the Christmas Carnival 2016 with the family on Saturday evening... maybe we can meet there...

What Christmas activity will you indulge in this weekend... Share more details with us...

Whatever activity you may be planning and whatever your events may be, just remember the reason for the season is Mary's Boy Child.

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