Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Noel... Noelle...

Have you come across the name Noel? If you have a friend named Noel (or Noelle), go on check out their birthday. In 9 times out of 10, it probably December, very close to Christmas Day. That's because Noel is French for Christmas. How do I know? Thanks to The First Noel...

I have a whole lot of friends called Noel and at least two with birthdays today. And coincidently they both have the same surname - D'Souza.

I'm still in contact with the classmate from school who we were fortunate to celebrate Christmas with a few years ago in Sharjah.

I've lost contact with the lead guitarist Noel - a senior of mine from Podar college, who used to be part of the same choir (I'd like to call it a Pop Choir - since we used to sing hymns and songs in Popular formats, mainly for weddings. Christmas time was a favorite since it would have us singing at interesting venues including Bandra Gym and the Oberoi Hotel to bring in the Christmas cheer and help people remember the Silent Night.

Another Noel I know whom I met during my trip to Canada used to live in the building across me. His birthday is on 24th December. He possibly had to sacrifice his birthday parties to attend the Midnight Mass on that O Holy Night.

There's this other Noel I met at the radio station - All India Radio Mumbai. A fellow RJ one of his favorite shows was the Country and Western show on AIR FM now AIR FM Rainbow. among his very versatile ventures, Noel Keymer conducts a course for wannabe RJs. While his birthday is in the month before Christmas, he's definitely played this song on his show closer to Christmas... sung by Country legend - Kenny Rogers - When A Child Is Born.

I know many other Noel's and I'm sure I'll meet many many more during my life... A good friend of mine has a son born on the 25th December. She thought Noel was too common, so decided to flip it around... and called him LEON. Now is that where Mumbai's (and Chembur's) famous pianist and music producer/director - Leon deSouza - got his name... I'll have to ask him the next time I meet him. 

Just 4 days more for Christmas. 

Wishing you all in advance..


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