Friday, November 6, 2015

'Saxy' Guitars

As part of the Digital Marketing course I was teaching at a premier MBA institute in Mumbai, also my alma mater, I was discussing a case study about how the concept of digital has disrupted the music industry. While the 1978 song proclaims "Video Killed the Radio Star", I personally need to be grateful to video and further to satellite television for bringing the music to us in the 1990s. 

In my blog titled 'November, Movember, Whatever', I mentioned one of the first songs that satellite TV brought us. And also around the same time, we were introduced to this song - 'To Be With You' 

"Mr. Big" is the name of the band - a quartet composed of Eric Martin (lead vocals), Billy Sheehan (bass guitar), and Pat Torpey (drums) and our #MusicalBirthday boy, Paul Gilbert (guitar). 

Paul is recognized as one of the fastest guitarists of all time playing a style called 'shredding'. Check out this sample from the track "Scarified" from his time with Racer X.

What is the 'dream' song of every guitarist? A few years ago - as DJ at the Family Fest of my parish - I played this track that raised eyebrows and also questions. But whatever people say, this is one of the my favorite songs for some fantastic guitar lead - 'Hotel California' by 'The Eagles'.

The bigger #MusicalBirthday boy is Glenn Frey (He and Don Henley wrote most of the Eagles songs) and he's turned up the heat with this solo from 'Beverly Hill Cop'. 

Did you hear that something blowing? Along with our top guitar birthdays, we join Google in paying tribute to Adophe Sax - the inventor of the saxophone - on his 201st birth anniversary. 

'Desperado' played on the soprano sax by James E. Green

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