Friday, November 20, 2015

All about the Windows...

As soon as we stepped into the bus the other day for a family outing, the kids started looking for a window seat to sit at. I remember doing exactly the same when I was a kid. What about you. 

The first window I've known was the opening the wall of our house from where we looked out to see the people on the streets, rushing to their chores. Also the place where we looked out for our parents returning from work, and waited for that wave of recognition.

Lookin’ Through The Windows – The Jackson 5

While the Jacksons were looking out of the window, like I was, many others have been looking into them to see people, animals and things.

Patti Page saw a doggie there. 

And Bruno saw a lovely girl. 

Buildings have windows, though nowadays with glass claddings, we cannot make out where the windows are. The only windows we see are at the bottom of the building area or inside of buildings in the shopping area - all decorated to attract our attention and get us to walk in.
Window Shopping - Jackson 5

Having worked in the Direct Marketing industry, an important window was the one on the envelope. But growing in maturity, we need to constantly look out for the "window of opportunity". And getting philosophical and possibly religious, we need to look into the "Window to the soul"

Window To The Soul – The Kooks

Do you know of any other WINDOWS?

Windows in the Sky, perhaps...

Thirty years ago today, a new series of windows was introduced to the world. Windows in the world of computers and IT - Microsoft Windows. If you are a techie, you could well delve into InfoWorld's report on the Windows they've loved through the years. Even if you're not a techie, I'm sure we all are grateful to Bill Gates and the team at Microsoft for opening for us the windows that we spend most of our time glaring into - our computer screens. And kudos to all the other companies and their programmers and developers, who contribute to the constant evolution of IT and technology. 

From Windows 1.0 today in 1985 to the future...

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