Saturday, November 7, 2015

Nothing...but the BEAT

In the last few posts, I touched upon how satellite TV changed the music industry. On this Saturday Night, I thought I'd do a quick run-up on Dance Music and how it has changed through the years. 

We did 'The Bump', 'Boogie', 'Disco' and 'Funk' in the 70s. But it was the BeeGees that kept us "Stayin' Alive' on the dance floor. 

MJ ruled the dance floor through the 80s. Still recall the excitement all around when Michael Jackson first came on the scene with "Beat It". Everybody was doing 'BreakDance'.

Dance Music went 'Techno' in the 90s. Was very involved in Mumbai circles through the decade - on radio, in the band and as a Wedding DJ in the latter part. It was all about 'The Power' and a little bit of 'Vogue' and lots of 'Sweat'

In the late 90s, Dance Music saw development of a new trend - the Producer DJ. The DJ moved out of the Disco into the studio and produced great mixes. One of the first in this genre I recall is 'Norman Cook' aka 'Fatboy Slim' - Right Here, Right Now. 

Over the past decade and half, the Superstar DJs have carved a niche of their own. They're doing concerts to absolutely packed houses. Check out this rage from 'Avicii'.

High on the list of world acclaimed DJs is this Frenchman who celebrates his #MusicalBirthday today...David Guetta. He's all for Titanium...

Let's have your thoughts on Dance Music and a comment on your favorite DJ...Go on, dance the night away...

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