Saturday, November 14, 2015

Happy Childrens' Day

Being in the midst of Diwali holidays, I celebrated Children's Day bonding with the kids. In fact the celebrations started yesterday as we went off to an ISL (Indian Super League) Football Game in Navi Mumbai with a couple of their friends (the 12-year old kids sourced complimentary tickets). Got home close to midnight.

A late morning for them today followed by a round of groceries and a favorite meal of the South Indian Thali at our favourite Udipi joint in Chembur called Cafe Udipi. (By the way, did you know that Udipi is possibly the only place in India that does not have a restaurant called "Udipi" - comment from Rocky and Mayur - Highway On My Plate).

Children are a beautiful gift. And all parents I know rejoice and celebrate the moments through their children's years. We often cherish the wonderful memories rocking them to sleep as little babies. 

Sleeping Child - Michael Learns To Rock (MLTR)

Children today are full of knowledge. And our role as parents is to constantly feed that urge to learn. The most successful people in life are those who never stop learning. So we put all our energies to 'teach our children' not just what's written in their textbooks but much more - valuable lessons in life. 

Teach Your Children - Crosby Stills Nash and Young (CSNY)

Those of us who are parents know that children learn less what they are told, and more what they see. I get instructions and suggestions on IT and even ideas for this blog from my younger son who is just 6 years old. Last week, I wanted to forward a video on WhatsApp from an app that wasn't linked to the network. And yo, comes little Mr. IT, insisting: "Just listen to me, I will tell you what to do". And right enough, it worked. When later asked how he knew, he admitted "You did this last time. I remembered." Are we teaching our children? Or is it the other way round?

Still on the topic of teaching, this is what my little son's first keyboard lesson turned out to be - a jam session with big brother.  

Happy Childrens' Day to all the children...and also to the child in all of you...
today if you're in India and on 20th November if you're anywhere else in the world. 


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