Thursday, November 5, 2015

Peruvian Percussion and Delightful Duets

Just last week, a group of people I know visited the beach village of Manori for a pilgrimage. For me however, Manori has always been a great picnic spot with its lovely beach. Manori is also the place where I was first introduced to live Jazz. 

I've attended some fantastic Jazz weekends at Manori and on more than one occasion have feasted on the wonderful percussion from one of the best percussionists India has produced for the world - the Scintillating Sivamani. 

These days there's a new percussion instrument that we are beginning to see. Instead of the bulky drum kit, drummers are choosing a more compact box called the CAJÓN (Spanish pronunciation: [kaˈxon] ka-HON) - a symbol of Afro-Peruvian percussion.

And for all the drummers and percussionists out there, here is a sample of percussion in this video of a Peruvian melody sung by a New York folk singer whose 74 today. 

Happy #MusicalBirthday to Arthur  - whom we better know as Art Garfunkel. He's been delightful to our ears with Paul Simon whom we wished for his #MusicalBirthday last month. Enjoy the 'Sound of Silence'.


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