Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Whistling 'Round The World - Roger That

Was working on the blog post If I Were A Rich Man... just yesterday, not realising that I'd need to refer to the phrase (no the song again) so soon. Just three years after being part of the soundtrack of Fiddler On the Roof, the song was recorded by Roger Whittaker who celebrates his 81st birthday today...

If he were a rich man, he would probably rule the world... Or surely make a New World In The Morning.

And if he could have it his way, it would've been a Whistling World - because he just loved to whistle like Swaggy in Australia.

And here's how they do it in Ireland - Irish Whistler

Moving to Finland for the Finnish Whistler

Moving across the Atlantic with the Mexican Whistler

You want to learn to whistle? Try the Changelip...

I'm sure you all know this waltz - Greensleeves, something to try your whistle at.


PS. Also check out one of my favorite songs by Roger Whittaker - a devotion to Momma Mary in my blogpost Happy Birthday Momma Mary or more recently Women of Strength.

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