Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Women of Strength

It's International Women's Day... and the internet has been raging with articles, most good - some not...

My parish at OLPS Chembur regularly participates in the Vacation Bible Joy program  - a bible camp created by the Archdiocese of Bombay for our school children during the vacations. A couple of years ago the theme of the VBJ was Biblical Women of Strength, which showcased most of the strong women who were part of the Women's Day post on the Archdiocese of Bombay Facebook Page this morning.

Where's the music?

Right about here... Whom should I start with? 

How about the great-grandmother of King David?

Ruth (around 1100 B.C) 

One of the favorite songs at weddings for many years has been the Song of Ruth

However, this song is not a romantic song sung by a wife to her husband, but is actually a song by the Ruth to her also widowed mother-in-law Naomi when Naomi decided to return to Judea from Moab. Ruth followed her mother-in-laws guidance and marries a distant family member Boaz (The entire account pans out in the biblical Book of Ruth).

Esther (around 400 B.C) 


Esther was the Jewish bride of the Persian king Xerxes, who protected the Israelites living in the kingdom with the wisdom and guidance of God... (The Book of Esther).

Hannah (maybe around 1200 B.C)

Hannah's importance in the Bible is in reiterating the POWER of prayer. She yearned for a son, and thanks to her persistence in faith was blessed with Samuel, who she dedicated to the temple as she had promised before his birth. He went to be the last of the Judges, a prophet and the anointer of the Kings to come. Here's Hannah's Prayer in song.


Mother Mary

The most powerful of all Biblical Women is by far, the Queen of Heaven and Earth. Even today people throng to pay devotions to Mother Mary in Fatima, Lourdes and closer to home for novenas at Mahim, and to a lesser extent, Chembur. Among the many songs devoted to her, I have a special attachment to Momma Mary, a song I first heard sung by Fr. Robyn Selwyn S.J.

There are many more inspiring women that we can learn from - in the Bible and in the life of the Saints. Do check out my favorite resource on Saints at 

Meanwhile, registrations are currently open for the next round of VBJ in Chembur. Do register your kids.


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