Sunday, March 19, 2017

Rock n Roll Music - Goodbye Godfather


Since early today, Rock n Roll music has been trending... right after the announcement of the sad demise of Chuck Berry, a founding legend of Rock n Roll Music... 

He's called the godfather of Rock n Roll... and made a legendary contribution to Rock n Roll back in the 50s... making even Beethoven roll over.... Roll Over Beethoven.

Did you see Chuck Berry do the Duck Walk out there. Or did you spot a Ding-A-Ling.

I'd featured that song on my Facebook page wishing him on his birthday. I also featured him on a blogpost right here on the day with a wish to my niece who shares the same birthday... Sweet Little Sixteen.

To Chuck Berry, health was the most important thing in life... that's possibly what got him to the age of 90 With No Particular Place to Go,

Some thirty years ago on his 60th birthday, he got together with another legend in her own right, Etta James to do what he did best.... Rock n Roll Music.

That's what they probably singing up there together... 


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