Friday, January 27, 2017

Music Through the Centuries... from Mozart to Alvin

Have you been following #MusicalBirthday on this blog or on my Facebook page? 

Ever since I started managing my page -, I try to keep in touch with the musical birthdays of the day... A couple of websites give me all the updates I need. 

This morning when I logged in, Famous Birthdays prompted me of the birthday from around 250 years ago (261 to be precise) - that of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. A musical master, not only of his time but of all ages - he's got some great compositions to his credit. Here have a listen...

Or you can sample Mozart's Most Famous and Popular Music @

Do you remember Alice

I'm not referring to the Alice of Smokie (or the more recent and obscene Gompie muse)... 

Somewhere in the 1800s, Lewis Carroll  (also born on this day in 185 years ago - in 1832) wrote a Children's story - Alice in Wonderland. She had some wonderful adventures that made it to a Disney Classic over a 100 years later and has inspired some great music from all genres including Rock and Pop... Check out 11 of the Best Songs inspired by 'Alice In Wonderland' compiled by Fuse TV.

Moving to the 1900s, born today in 1919 is David Seville (that's the stage name for Ross Bagdasarian Sr.) who's been famous in the past 10 years or so with the four movies in the series... Here's their biggest song in The Chipmunks sound - The Chipmunk Song.

A little late for last Christmas... but early for the next one... 

Having started with Mozart... came across a Chipmunk version of the greatest Rap Battle of all time... Mozart vs Skrillex...

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