Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Birthday Boys Three

Was the year 1974. We had just moved to our apartment in Chembur. A few months later, the society around us with 6 building was complete, and families started moving in. 

There was a friendly doctor who moved in to the building across. And a few months later the young couple had a bonny baby boy. They named him Sean (pronounced Shawn). And when we visited their house one morning, there was this song playing... and someone mentioned that the song was for the little boy... Song Sung Blue sounded like Sean to this three-year old.

He celebrates his 76th birthday today... and just recently announced the dates for his    50 Year Anniversary World Tour embarking in April this year... He will be in Europe around September - October. 

Another musician with a birthday today doing the rounds of Europe as early as next month will lead his orchestra will kick of his series of concerts in Netherlands which is also called by his own last name... Presenting the Jools Holland and his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra playing Double O Boogie.

Jools Holland has introduced hundreds of established and new musical artists, from solo performers to bands and larger ensembles since 1992. The show is still going strong even in its 25th year now. Here's a performance on Later... with Jools Holland, by yet another singer celebrating his birthday, possibly the most popular of the family band Neville Brothers,  Aaron Neville - I Am A Pilgrim.

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