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The dictionary defines twist as bending or curling. An alternative definition is to rotate around a stationary point. 

There is a 'twist' in the name of this blog and 'twists' and turns in the road to life. But there is also a 'twist' in music - and it encompasses not one but both of the definitions right above - bending and curling around a stationary point.

If you were born in the before the 60s (I wasn't), you'd would be very familiar with the dance form. But I've seen this dance and enjoyed songs with twists at the many weddings we've attended in the '70 and '80s. This is how they do The Twist.

Written originally by Hank Ballard and the Midnighters as a B-side, the song became extremely popular and went to #1 when covered by Chubby Checker. I used to be quite chubby as a kid... and used to love to play checkers as well. But this post is not about me... but about the rockin' (or rather twistin' singer) who celebrates his 75th birthday today. 


The popularity he got with The Twist was not enough - he had to do it again with Let's Twist Again. 

The twist was an absolute rage from 1959 through to around 1962, the created the 'twist' around anything. There was even a comic book that was about the 'twist'.

There is even an Alvin Twist, the Peppermint Twist, the Spanish Twist... and (take a breath)...the Bollywood Twist aka Aao Twist Karein.

The twisting even caught with the Fab Four - the Beatles, who have their cover version of Chubby Checker's - Aa... aa... aa... aa... Twist and Shout.

Among the many covers of Twist and Shout include the Reggae versions by Chaka Demus and the Pliers and Shaggy.

After the mid-sixties, the rage seems to have died down. My favorite 'twist' song from the Eighties is the one near water - Twisting by the Pool (Dire Straits).

Twenty-five after the pool, Bollywood was back twisting at weddings and parties with the Twist from Love Aaj Kal.

If you enjoyed the 'twist' here follow The Musical Twist to Life right here or maybe request for it to be delivered right to your email box. 


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