Monday, October 3, 2016

World Music Day

How fast the weekends pass by...

Woke up on Saturday morning to a new month - October. A month of celebrations and festivities around the world. 

Also the masthead on The Times Of India announced World Music Day. 

Speaking of a day dedicated to music, my mind raced back to the best musical I have ever watched. Made in the 60s, I watched it for the first time in the 80s and many many times after that. And the movie began with the title song on top of the hills with The Sound of Music.

Julie Andrews - 'Maria' in The Sound of Music teaches the Von Trapp children to sing. And I wonder whether it is just coincidence that she happens to celebrate her birthday on International Music Day. She completed 81 this year. 

I really like the simple lesson she taught them to get started. Yes - music is made up of seven notes that can be put around in any order to make a wonderful song - Do Re Mi. (Unfortunately I couldn't find the full song on just one YouTube video).

Was sharing this concept with the young boy I give keyboard lessons to, as we were working about music scales.

Came across another theory on the origins of music in my Jazz collection. Here's how A Song Was Born (Louis Armstrong).

We all love music so much that my sources are confused when World Music Day really is. One of my sources showed it as 21st June which triggered the post on that day - Celebrate MUSIC - The Elixir Of Life.

If I had my way, I would celebrate Music Day everyday. Most of us do anyway... So let's do so today as well as we Listen To The Music (The Doobie Brothers).

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