Thursday, October 13, 2016

Simple Simon Scores a Diamond

If you've ever sung a duet or a group song, there a high chance that it would have been one of his. 

Today the simple half of an iconic duo scores 75 today. Over the years I've sung songs by Simon & Garfunkel on many occasion with as many groups, but I'll probably start quietly - with a song that my cousins - the Fernandes sisters - have covered in absolute brilliance. Close your eyes and open up those ears to listen to The Sound Of Silence.

Just earlier this week, I was hitching a ride with a friend, who mentioned that her mother was full of praise for the beautiful singing of the Pinto family singers from Fort, Mumbai - my Dad's family. And this song among the hundreds of others that I've heard them sing could soothe anyone - Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Simon and Garfunkel was a favorite duo from my brother and myself. One of the favorite songs we've sung together has been The Boxer. We did it again the last time we met as well.

My five years in college was memorable for the music that we played at the various intercollegiate competitions that we sang. And among the first songs that we sang in the group was about the Scarborough Fair.

Move on to the Summer Camp we'd have at our Parish in Chembur and the group singing competition. Won the first place for a modern rendition of the 59th Street Bridge Song (Feeling Groovy) complete with the 'boom-boom' on the vocal bass and the 'click-clicking' finger rhythms.

If you liked the rhythm on that one, you'll surely like the next song that inspired a reggae version - Cecilia. Used to sing that with the Blending Stars - led by Roney Gomes in the early '90s. 

Got called out to, the other day while climbing the bridge at the railway station - the reason being I was walking there in a world of my own, humming a tune to include on my blog of the day while being Homeward Bound.

I've reached home now (for the day) and back home as well after a fair share of travel and life away from Mumbai having seen the 59th Street Bridge as well. But thanks to Paul Simon (and Art Garfunkel) for the nostalgic memories. So from all of us... Happy #MusicalBirthday to Paul Simon - and its no ordinary birthday. He completes 75 today. 

I'll just leave you with a simple question - where is the 59th Street Bridge? Not very far from home. 

There are other #MusicalBirthday today as well. Find out more on my blog post on This Day Last Year - From Scarborough Fair to Graceland.

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