Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Independence... In The Movies

Yesterday India celebrated its 70th Independence Day. While it was a special occasion deserving a post on this blog, I opted for family time instead. So we stepped out of home on a day into town... and were overwhelmed with the crowd at the 

But Independence and Patriotism is not just for a day... While I and most of you would have been born post-Independence, it is important that we understand the challenges that our freedom fighters faced to make India independent. Most of us who have lived abroad have been lured by the call of the West or Down Under, but how well do we remember our roots. 

We have seen movies and movies with the theme of Indian Independence... I remember going with the family to watch Gandhi in the cinema hall as a pre-teen. Also Mother India on TV many many years back. On the first normal day of this 70th year of independence, I just thought I'd share some of the great patriotic movie moments that I can recall. Ironically most of these moments seem to be outside of India...

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

Last year in Happy Independence Day, I shared an international rendition of the Indian National Anthem. This version is an Indian rendition in an international setting.

Chak De! India

On the backdrop of the Olympics and the fantastic effort of the Indian contingent in the sport campaign, I recall this scene from one of the greatest Indian team sport movies ever - Chak De! India.


I haven't watched Airlift, but the setting of the movie on the Kuwait crisis is close to my heart, having had close relatives who were stranded in the crisis and needing to be evacuated.

The Indian in us is special and needs to be kept alive...ALWAYS.



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