Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Stream of Birthdays... Family and Friends

How many friends telephone numbers can you recall at the top of your head?

Remember the days when our brains used to store large volumes of data in it - telephone numbers and birthdays... Now you don't need to remember all these things - thanks to the SmartPhone....

Yes... Every morning I get a reminder on the list of friends who celebrate their birthdays today... and today the list had way more names than usual... including some that I would not need a reminder on.. including one that I dare not forget!!!

Last year on the wife's birthday, this blog included a post - Who is He...or She? of a couple of singers that share the same birthday... you'll have to read it to know who...

My wife is a singer as well... and over the last year has been nurturing the talent with active involvement in the parish Konkani choir. A couple of months ago, she got together a group of neighbours to put up an event at the Parish Feast... a series of Konkani songs. 


While on Konkani songs and birthdays, I remember an elder cousin - Deena - who lived with us  for a few years back in the '70s. In those days before TV programming, there were occasions when we would be entrusted to her care... and entertainment. This is one of the songs that she used to sing... Mujhi Mummy (Kaun Bha Thi).


Emceed the Silver Wedding of a Goan couple recently, and the second song for the evening was a favorite from one of the greatest Konkani films ever made - Amchi Noxib... The song Moubailo Duo.

In attendance at that party was the husband-wife duo that's been giving most Mumbai live performers - solos, duos or full bands - a run for their money. Heard their name mentioned on many occasions as a major competitor in the Mumbai music circles. All those who know them would agree... and if you look at their Facebook page, you can't miss some of their extremely loyal fans from around the world - #MichaelnSunita

Birthday boy Michael is an extremely talented singer having sung with Mumbai's hottest venues - including the Taj and Oberoi for many years. He's got a fantastic sense of humour and has the audience thoroughly entertained with the great vocals interspersed with anecdotes. He knows how to get the crowd on the dance floor and keep them just there. Providing the music and harmony is Sunita playing the keyboards and crooning along all the female tracks of the day. I've known her for years having sung in the same Wedding Mass choir in the late 80s, and competed with her and her sis (Sharmila) in the solo and group events at inter-college competitions including Malhar and Bombay University YouthFest.
Happy Birthday Michael... Let The Music Flow...


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