Thursday, August 18, 2016

Bhai Behen Ka Pyar

Enjoyed a bonus holiday today - in celebration of Raksha Bandhan - a festival of filial love and protection. Remembered and reread my post from this day last year - Hey Sister.

Spent last evening with the only sibling we have in Mumbai - my wife's brother and his family. We recalled our growing years and remembered special moments in growing up. 

Being a holiday, I woke up a little later than usual and decided to put together a homemade breakfast. The menu - plain parathas, or what we call 'breakfast chapatis'. The dough was perfectly kneaded and the end result was exactly as I have remembered as a child and in more recent times - when Mum and Dad put their hands together to serve us this traditional meal.

Though the day, and especially at Mass this evening, I was connected in a strange way to my brother and sisters in Auckland and Ontario. It was a day of special meaning for all of us - a day that will always connect us as a family, no matter how far we are. As we observed the Second Death Anniversary of my Dad, there was a host of memories of him that were shared over Facebook - some of the most touching ones being from his sisters. 

So as I wind up on this day, there is just one song that comes to my mind... an old song by The Hollies - that connects the festival today to the one person I owe my music to - Dad to me... but a Brother to many... Good night.

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