Saturday, August 13, 2016

A Birthday Tribute... to the One and Only...

Started the Independence Day weekend like any other day... woke up early and headed to Church to the celebration of the Mass. Stepped up to lead the singing at church, again like any other day. But today was not just any other day.... TODAY was special. 

There was a memory of the person whose shoes I stepped into. My first ever music teacher... the inspiration on which this particular blog began... the one person who has received the most mentions on the post here... especially initial ones. Yes today is the Birth Anniversary of my Dad.

It's all about memories... and the memories are right here in this blog in my earliest posts. Today on what would have been Dad's 76th, I'm sharing my post from this day last year.

Laugh Aloud - 75 times over 

This post recounts some of the funny songs that were part of his repertoire over the years. I recall a song in Konkani which has a similar theme to Female Wrestler. If anyone has the lyrics of this songs, please share it with me. 

Green Songs from the Past 

Written on World Environment Day last year, I had recalled some of the songs on the theme of Green that we learnt as kids - including one that has come down from generations. 

God Will Make A Way 

'In His Time - He makes all things beautiful' - A reflection on some of his favorite religious tunes...

Many of the posts with my personal experience have references to Dad... Below are some more posts with Daddy in them.

Music and Math 

I'm always looking for feedback and comments on what you think about posts on this blog and your own experiences with the music out here.... Do feel free to use the comments section below and share your inputs at anytime. 

Also do connect with me if you'd like to add the Musical Twist to your real life at parties or get-togethers - whether it be a Wedding or Anniversary, Christening or Communion, a Special Birthday or just any other social or professional gathering. Ciao.

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