Monday, February 1, 2016

Dreamy Duets and The Dooley Trio

Last evening while we were having dinner, my six-year old son raised a very important question...Are Dreams Real or Fake?

I remember a TV show I saw as a little boy that explained the entire concept of dreams. Another memory about 'dreams' from my childhood days is a song that would be always sung at any party or get-together in our family. And later on found it's way into every jam session that had talented singers capable of singing vocal harmony. 

Dre-e-e-e-am, dream, dream, dream....

The elder of 'The Everly Brothers', Don is 79 today. With younger brother Phil, they were among the earliest and the most influential duos of all time, having set unmatched standards for close two-part harmonies. From lilting ballads and sad stories like 'The Lightning Express' to their upbeat 'Bird Dog' or 'Wake Up Little Suzie', the harmony has always been absolutely fantastic. Happy #MusicalBirthday Don Everly. 

We have another harmonious #MusicalBirthday today. The lone surviving member of the very original line-up of this folk group that is still around, Bob Shane is three years older than Don...and was part of - not a duo - but a trio - The Kingston Trio. Happy #MusicalBirthday Bob Shane.

A folk group of the same generation of 50s and 60s, my favorite Kingston Trio song (and possibly of many many others) is the doleful tale about a Mr. Grayson, a beautiful woman and a convicted man named 'Tom Dooley'. 

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