Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Day The Music Died

We've all heard Don McLean sing American Pie many many times. Possible even Madonna. 

Yesterday marked the 57th Anniversary of the fateful day when three great musicians of the 50s - Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper (J.P. Richardson Jr.)  were killed in an aircrash. The song is Don McLean's recollection of that day and the great music of the 50s and the revival of music of the sixties. 

Here are some of the songs created by these greats. 

Buddy Holly

Ritchie Valens

Big  Bopper

The Day The Music Died - may be 3rd February 1959. I wonder at times how alive the music is today.

A few years ago I was preparing to DJ a Christmas Party for the Youth of the parish. Since my music needed an update, I approached some of the youth and asked them to provide me with a list of what was 'hot and happening' among the youth. They willingly agreed, but warned me that I would need to check for 'clean' versions. 

The music that is doing the rounds today has made a shift from singing performances with music to electronic sounds and DJ vibes. A lot of the music of these days is rife with innuendos and expletives. There is an urgent call to keep the music from dying. Keep the music alive and the way to do it is to set up the right tone with the next gen. 

Over the weekend, I attended the Annual Day function at the school where my children study (also my own alma mater). The boys - 25 of them - played a mix of songs including movie themes, a devotional song and songs from the yesteryears featuring actor Anil Kapoor - the chief guest of the day. They put up an absolutely scintillating performance. Here's a short clip

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