Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day/ World Marriage Day

Happy Valentine's Day

On 14th February, the world celebrates Valentine's Day. It's a day to celebrate love and most of the world does it with candy, flowers and gifts for their loved ones. While not many know the origins of this celebration, it has become a special day to woo someone you love. And of course you can do it with music. 

Most people plan a romantic outing or quiet dinner with their loved one, but often have to deal with long waits. This is an opportunity that Event Managers have made the most of - by creating special events for the occasion. 

Back in 2000, one smart Event Manager came up with the idea of making of the largest Valentine Day card ever, on Mumbai's Chowpatty Beach. While singles and couples were making their designs on the card, or just catching pictures against the background, I was there - getting people entertained with games and distributing spot prizes from select sponsors. 

Another year, I was the anchor to a Valentine Day event at a getaway resort in Vasai. Kept the couples ticking with interesting games and great music and fantastic entertainment.

While Valentine's Day is quite popular among the young couples courting, one hopes that relationships celebrated this day graduate to a more committed one - MARRIAGE.

Happy Marriage Day

The Worldwide Marriage Encounter - an organisation committed to enriching marriages worldwide - has designated the Second Sunday of February as 'World Marriage Day'. This year, Valentine's Day and World Marriage Day coincide. Here are some ideas on celebrating the day.

Wishing all couples - a 'Happy Marriage Day', I'll sign off with this song that I've sung at many a Wedding Mass over the years. "I'll Never Find Another You".

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