Monday, January 25, 2016

Platinum for Diamond and Aaron, Dolly's Seventy

Last week I wrote a post on centuries among extended family and friends. Can't think of any more centuries soon. But yesterday was a day of precious stones and Metals - not Diamond .... but Platinum for Diamond and Neville, two singers of varied styles who've been on the scene even before I was born. And they both celebrated 75 years. 

Heard Neil Diamond for the very first time on Radio singing Song Sung Blue. A beautiful song with a lilting memory. Had a neighbour named Sean (pronounced Shaun) who was less than a year ago and he'd get all excited hearing the song, thinking it was being sung to him. 

A great romantic, his best ever song of all time is possibly Sweet Caroline - he sang this for Caroline Kennedy's 50th birthday in 2007.

While his solos were popular, he sang this romantic duet with Barbra Striesand - You Don't Bring Me Flowers. I remember an aunt of mine singing this song at most of the family get-togethers. 

The other seventy-five of yesterday I didn't know much as a kid. There was a time in the eighties when Love Duets were all around. And along with the Endless Love, Tonight I Celebrate My Love... I also heard this song by Aaron Neville and Linda Ronstadt - Don't Know Much. 

A few days earlier on 19th January the Queen of Country celebrated her 70th birthday. The 9-to-5 actress has a host of country tracks to her name - an all-time favorite being Jolene. 

But one of my favorites is the duet that she sang with Kenny Rogers.... Islands In the Stream. 

Happy #MusicalBirthday to all these fantastic singers and others....

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