Saturday, January 2, 2016

Birthday Blitz (and the King of the Road)

In addition to New Year's Day, January 1st is a big day for the family. We celebrate three birthdays in the family including my Mum. I've come across a handful of other folks including colleagues and friends, who have this wonderful day for their birthday. 

And born on the day at the turn of the last century (on January 1, 1900) was a fantastic Latino musician and bandleader of the century - Xavier Cugat.

El Cumbanchero 

Like me you probably know Xavier Cugat's tunes, better than you know his name or even the name of his tunes. Tico Tico is another favorite of mine, and also most of the guitar maestros I know in Mumbai.

Tico Tico

Another interesting classic musical birthday this weekend shared his name (more or less) with a football star from the 1990 World Cup - the dancing Cameroonian.

Today we remember Roger Miller (the footballer was Roger Milla) who was born on January 2, the American singer, songwriter, musician and actor known for his novelty songs that are still are rage on Karaoke - The King Of The Road.

King of the Road - Roger Miller

Signing off with a quacky song - Do Wacka Doo - to give a smile that you keep right through this year. 

Do Wacka Do - Roger Miller

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