Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My Grandfather's Clock... and more

The first picture I saw this morning this one posted by my Mum on a family WhatsApp group.

That's my Grandfather - Mr. Joseph Marian Pinto. I never did see him, but what awesome stories I've heard about him. And among the cherished memories that my dad and his siblings have shared about their dad is the encouragement that he gave to music and singing. And I'm sure he would have been a really proud dad with every song his kids sang... and every dance they danced.

He was born on this day in 1904... but this grandfather song is even older... My Grandfather's Clock.

Grandpa was a man of strong values... and lots of advice. I'm sure this message would've been among the tips he gave his kids... Ac-cen-tuate The Positive.

Born exactly a year before my grandfather, was this very versatile singer who recorded well over 2500 songs comprising around 320 hits including some very memorable Christmas Carols and songs still played proudly today. Bing Crosby was born in 1903.

Also born today in 1919 was a folk-singer who lived for 94 years and wrote some great songs including Turn Turn Turn for The Byrds and If I Had A Hammer for Peter Paul and Mary.

Swing, Folk... how about Soul? The godfather of Soul was also born today in 1933 - James Brown I Feel Good.

While those three singers have gone ahead of us... this next singer has completed 80 today. We all know him from his #1 hit and the title song of the 70s movie - Grease. This is Frankie Valli.

Born in 1944 was another Pete, Pete Staples of The Troggs - Wild Thing.

Need a break from all the male songs... Let's go back in time... Do you ever use this phrase... Those Were The Days sung by Mary Hopkin, born in 1950.

We started with musical birthdays for today from 1903 and gone down the years... Born 50 years after Bing Crosby is this power balladeer - Bruce Hall (REO Speedwagon) with Keep On Loving You.

Quite a diverse spread of music put together to remember my Grandfather's birthday... While I was researching music for this post, I chanced on this beautiful bluegrass rendition of My Grandfather's Clock.

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