Thursday, May 18, 2017

And I Love You So

Just wrote a blogpost about a famous birthday... the birthday of a modern saint canonized as recently as 2014... maybe you know Giovanni Paolo... Read more about him at Walking With Jesus...

While Saint John Paul II spend over 26 years as head of the Catholic Church, another famous person who shares his birthday enjoyed a musical career spanning over 50 years. That's Perry Como. And my favorite song on his list is this one my dad used to sing... And I Love You So...

Perry Como would have been 105 today. He passed away just about a week before his 89th birthday in 2001. 

While they have gone ahead before here's a living legend of Country Music - George Strait at 65 today... right in the Heartland.

Nearly midnight in Mumbai... Stay tuned for more on #AMusicalTwistToLife

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