Tuesday, February 28, 2017

National Science Day

It was a bright morning indeed yesterday... as a group of boys, including my son, got onto a school bus headed to the Nehru Science Centre in Mumbai. They were there to support a team of their schoolmates participating in a Science Quiz. 

It only dawned on me a little while ago, that this outing was linked to the celebration of National Science Day... that commemorates the discovery of the Raman Effect (named after the physicist C.V. Raman) ... that explains the scattering of light...

Science is all about asking questions and finding answers to them.... the question is Kyun?

By the way, the mention of physics reminds me of the Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj... the physicists from the Big Bang Theory (Barenaked Ladies).

Hope you listened to the lyrics of that song that take you through the wonders of science.... 

Music and mythology, Einstein and astrology 

It all started with a BIG BANG.

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