Monday, February 13, 2017

The Story of Creation

Where did MAN come from?

Back to the original debate - The one about our origins. Where did we come from? Evolution or Creation

Yesterday (12th Feb) was the birth anniversary of Charles Darwin. We know him as the Father of Evolution. Last year #AMusicalTwistToLife marked Darwin Day with a post on The Music of Science including songs like Monkey To Man (Elvis Costello) and the theme song from the Big Bang Theory (Barenaked Ladies).
Yesterday (12th Feb) was also a Sunday - The Lord's Day. And what's more also World Marriage Day (celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of February). In fact the whole of last week, the assigned readings from the Old Testament have been from the book of Genesis, tracing the creation of the world and subsequently the second narrative of the creation story the creation of man.

As a catechist, I've have been discussing the creation narrative with my students at Sunday School. And a song that I found at random came to my aid, in demonstrating the wonderful power of God in creating mankind. Here's my version of the song.

A Hundred Pounds of Clay was a hit for Gene McDaniels reaching #3 on the Billboard charts and #11 on the R&B charts in 1961. Incidentally, he was born on 12th February as well.

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