Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Going Places...

Took a little trip over the weekend just outside Mumbai city limits. With summer holidays on over the past couple of months, my Facebook and Twitter 'newsfeed' have been full of holiday pictures from across the globe. And when I looked up the #MusicalBirthday list for today, I found a common thread linking most of them - all the birthday musicians and singers were 'going places'

We'll start this tour with the youngest of the singers on this post, just 23 - George Ezra - in the medieval and neoclassical capital city of Hungary - Budapest.

Looks like George Ezra, the English singer-songwriter loves to travel, considering he also has a song entitled 'Barcelona'. Many visitors to Spain also do France and Italy. 

One American singer, actor, comedian and film producer of the 60s loved his Italian roots. Dean Martin - a member of the Rat Pack had a host of songs about Italy, but the one I love the most is about 'love' - 'That's Amore

Dean Martin would've been 99 today, having been born in 1917. And what a wonderful life. Back in America - the state of Minnesota - are observing 'Prince Day' today remembering the recently deceased Prince. If you're in Minnesota, you'd probably see many people dressed in purple (if you do see purple all around, click a pic and post it in the comments here). The only city song Prince is famous for cannot be mentioned here, but we can sure listen to 'America'.

Our final 'Birthday Singer' for today is 76. And he likes the 'Green Green Grass of Home' - a song I mentioned on one of the first posts on the blog (Green Songs From The Past) for its personal meaning to me. Over to the vibrant Tom Jones.

Will sign off with a riddle contributed by one of my sons...

What did the envelope say to the stamp? 

Stick with me... we will go places!!!


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