Friday, June 10, 2016

Where Did You Get That Hat?

Got up this morning to remember the birthday of one of my nieces. And as the day moved along was reminded of many many more birthday of friends I knew. If you've been following my FB page - Sunil Pinto Entertains, you'll get an update on some of the Musical Birthdays of the day. 

But this one far more special... because he is the #RoyalConsort, and he's 95 today... 

Happy Birthday 


I was trying to come up with musical content to post out here, but then came across some of his quotes (gaffes) including some conversations with well known singers that are just too funny... thought I should share them with you. 

"Where did you get that hat?"

Those were the words of Prince Philip to his wife, Queen Elizabeth II, soon after her coronation.

"What do you gargle with... pebbles?"

The Duke of Edinburgh said this to Tom Jones after a Royal Variety Performance in 1969. Wonder whether they spoke after this performance at the Queens Diamond Jubilee Concert in 2012.

"Oh, it's you that owns that ghastly car... we often see it when driving to Windsor Castle."

Those were the words to Elton John when he told the Prince that he has sold his Gold Aston Martin... The embarrassed singer is Still Standing.

Check out more of the Prince quotes (Prince Philips best gaffes) at The Telegraph.

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