Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May The Fourth... It's Movie Time

May the Fourth... is commonly known as 'Star Wars' Day. 

That was the tune playing when Dad, Mum and five of us siblings (the youngest wasn't born yet), entered the hall at the Sterling Cinema in Mumbai for a family day at the movies, the first that I can remember. We set out with a bus ride on the top deck of the bus, that drove into the heart of the city from our home in Chembur. What a nice view at all the little people hustling and bustling down the streets of Mumbai.

No we did not go to see 'Star Wars' but I distinctly remember the loud sounds as the trailer of ' Star Wars' mesmerized everybody in the theatre. What we did go to watch was an English movie - a musical made around twelve years earlier, even before my parents were married. 

It seems an absolute coincidence that today is the Birth Anniversary of the actress who played the leading role and around whom the story was based. The movie was about this common flower seller in the London market, who becomes the subject of a wager between an English professor and his friend. The professor takes a bet, that he can teach her to speak 'proper' English and make her presentable in high society. 

If you have the slightest interest in movies, you would know that the movie was 'My Fair Lady' and the actress was the iconic 'Audrey Hepburn'. The fantastic actress is known for her singing roles in the '60s movies. I particularly like 'Moonriver' from 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'

Two weeks back, it was family movie time. We did not need to go right across town, but just hopped into a multiplex at the nearby mall. This time, it was an updated version of another '60s movie - also one that I saw in my childhood. '

Jungle Book' is doing extremely well at the Box Office in India, even in its fourth week. It was an enjoyable experience for the family, especially my son who just completed 7 earlier this week. He watched the entire movie with his 3D glasses on (he'd slept in most of the other movies we'd been to)... and added at least one new word to his vocabulary - 'Payback'.

The other song in the movie took me back to a singing competition where this lad entertained one an all with the 'monkey' dance on stage. It even had some kids dancing while exiting the cinema hall.  

What's your favorite movie...

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