Sunday, May 22, 2016

One Year of Blogging

1 year, 

100+ posts, 

5000+ pageviews

A Musical Twist To Life has completed a year... 

Earlier in the week, I got a notification on Facebook telling me that it has been a year since I shared my first blogpost on the channel.

How it all started?

Was attending a Digital Marketing and Social Media Workshop at Don Bosco Centre for Learning conducted by Hitesh Motwani (a recent winner at the #SS30Under30 from Social Samosa) and was invited to write an article on any subject of my liking. After a little thinking, I wrote this piece on "Music and Math" and a few days later created this blog and put it in here as the first post. 

Music and Math

Over the past year, I've hosted over a 100 posts on this platform on a range of topics including Musical Birthdays, Commemorative Days as well as some personal and family moments. As we celebrate a year on this blog, I thought we could look at the most read posts in the year. 

At No 5

Music, Digital Marketing and CRM

In June last year, I made an entry into the field of Education teaching specialised marketing subjects to MBA students at leading business schools in Mumbai and Pune. My preparation work got me on to this case study involving music covering the subjects I taught. Not only was it popular on Blogger, but got me an interesting response on LinkedIn as well. 

At No 4

Green Songs from the Past

My second post on this blog was on World Environment Day (June 5), when I recalled some of the 'green' songs we learnt to sing in our childhood.

At No 3

Laugh Aloud - 75 times over

A mood-lifting post on a sentimental day - remembering my dad on his 75th birthday and first in absentia. Dad was the musical inspiration for me and all my siblings and always encouraged us to get the laugh out of life.

At No 2

Happy Friendship Day

On Friendship Day (August 2) I thought I'd use the power of digital and social media to wish all my friends from school, college, work and music circles as well. This post was an instant rage and resulted in a host of new connections for me.

At The Top of this Chart

Much Ado about Shakespeare

My 100th post remembered the Bard on his 400th death anniversary.

There's no way that this post will last 400 years, or even 100... for that matter. But your inputs and ideas would surely make me HAPPY. 

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