Thursday, May 12, 2016

Into The Teens

Thirteen years ago today, I experienced the 'Miracle of Love'. Standing in the 'labour' room in at the Al Wasl Hospital (now Latifa Hospital) in Dubai, I witnessed the birth of my first-born. The years have gone by quickly indeed and there are the host of memories in our minds, and on my computer hard disk. Spent the most of this evening browsing down memory lane and thought I'd share some of the musical moments on the way. 

'I Thank The Lord' has been part of the family repertoire since my own childhood days. We recorded this song to send as an entry for a 'Mother's Day' competition when Kaniel was in Kindergarten.

And thank the Lord, he did when he was 6 years old - happy to have a baby brother. And enjoying another song that's passed down the generation - Lucky Lips

There's a lot to share with a younger brother - including music. Where better to start than the nursery rhyme - Three Blind Mice

My younger son, Kendall wants to learn to play the keyboard. One evening I just taught him a simple riff on the keyboard...and this is what it turned out to be... Riptide.

Kaniel just loves school. While he misses the UAE, he's settled in extremely well in Mumbai even excelling in Hindi and Marathi. But a memorable school moment indeed, was being part of the 25-piece orchestra for the School Annual Day. Listen to the lead on the intro...

Another first for him has been singing a jingle... and even more so, in Hindi... check out the Horlicks Rap Ad...


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