Sunday, October 18, 2015

You're Sixteen, You're Beautiful...and You're Sweet

Those of you who know my family, know that I am one of six siblings - four girls and two boys. The next generation also has four girls but many more boys. And today is the 4 x 4 birthday of the eldest of my 4 nieces.

So today, as a special dedication to Bianca, here are 'Sixteen' Songs that I can think of.  


A brother to sister dedication - I'm sure you received your own one today. And you probably will get many boys saying this line..."You're Sixteen, You're Beautiful and You're Mine.."

So enjoy your cake and the Sixteen Candles on it.

And be "Sweet Little Sixteen" all through the year.

Singing "Sweet Little Sixteen" is Chuck Berry who is 89 today. You know anyone else with a birthday?

An Indian actress with international films...and she has the same surname as your mum's maiden name.

Yes, Bianca... Have a wonderful day... And may you be blessed today and always...HAPPY BIRTHDAY... 

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