Friday, October 23, 2015

Guitars, Cadillacs....and Parodies

We've always had a guitar in our household, and often more than one....

Daddy always played the guitar and would pull it out for all the family get-togethers and over long holiday weekends to teach us a song or two. Every year during the Christmas season, we'd participate in the singing competitions at the St. Anthony's Club...and he would come back from work, straight there to play for us, as we performed the popular songs he'd taught us. 

When I went to college, I realized there was no more Daddy to play for me. And if I wanted to sing, I had to learn to play. The little piano I had learnt could not take me far enough. So I requested for a guitar as a gift for my 17th birthday. 

I started on the basics by myself, and then joined a class with the best lead guitarist in the parish where I'd accompany his lead on songs like 'Tico Tico', 'The Girl from Ipanema', 'Strangers in the Night'...and the like. The best country musicians we did know of were 'John Denver', 'Kenny Rogers' and maybe 'Glen Campbell'. 

But then my eldest sister got engaged to a guitarist, and that's when we got a broader introduction to the world of Country Music. Heard songs from our #MusicalBirthday boy - Dwight Yoakam - on my first trip to the UAE, and that's also where I first saw the Cadillac. 

I've ridden in the Cadillac owned by my company director to meetings - the Brougham at first and later the Escalade. Although I never realised what it had in common with guitars and Hillbilly Music. I don't know what a Hillbilly is, do you?

A search on Google explained hillbilly as a kind of a country person, who could be a little 'weird' - a term that #MusicalBirthday boy 2 has made his showname. 'Weird Al' Yankovich shot to fame with "Eat It" - his parody on Michael Jackson's "Beat It".  

Happy #MusicalBirthday Dwight (59) and 'Weird Al' (56). Look forward to the best of entertainment from the both of you. 

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