Saturday, September 19, 2015

The 'Numbers' This Week

If you've been reading my blog, you would know by now how much I love numbers. (My very first blog out here was about Maths and Music). Well the numbers around me have grown exponentially this past week. 

On Monday, I started on a new work assignment, and encountered the sheer magnitude of numbers as I returned to travel on the Mumbai Suburban train network during Rush Hour after nearly two decades. Also my new work assignment is in the area of Management Information Systems (MIS) - which means I spend the major part of the day skimming through the sea of numbers and trying to make good sense out of it. Yes, I'm working 'Eight Days A Week'

The comperes of Mumbai (Mumbai Comperes Inc) have gotten together to network and are organising their get-together later in the week. Since they attend more parties on work rather than enjoyment, all are super-excited and sharing no less that 400-500 posts on WhatsApp daily. When they do meet, they're gonna 'Rock Around the Clock', some wearing 'Blue Suede Shoes'.  

After all the partying, the next morning they will hear the sweet sound of the birds chirping...Not one, not two....Three Little Birds

Not just birds outside my window.... but monkeys as well...They dropped by for lunch (fruit) a couple of times. 

Got to go now, and think of ways to keep the monkeys away. Will talk other numbers later. 

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