Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Beautiful Day

I woke up early this morning at the top of a hill. It's been a long but a truly 'Beautiful Day'.

The hill I was atop was in a place called Lavale, close to Pune. This is the home of Symbiosis International University where I've visited on a few occasions over the past quarter to deliver lectures on Marketing Analytics and Customer Relationship Management to the MBA students at SIMC -Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communications.

The day had a lot of mist, a little rain and back to sunshine as I got back to Mumbai. The day saw joy of successful completion of an assignment that has brought me tremendous pleasure of sharing knowledge with this batch of future Brand, Media and PR Professionals. And feeling 'loved'.

Today also happens to be the birthday of some good friends. And some people that I would love to have as friends. Well I have this friend who's in Dubai who celebrates her 40th birthday today. Later in the day, I discovered that she was born on the same day (even the same year) as this Jazz singer from Canada, whom 'I Haven't Met Yet'.

Happy Birthday Michael Buble 

Here's my version of a song that you too have covered.

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